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Resume Writing Tips

Are you not sure about how to make your resume stand out among all the other resumes sent by applicants looking for a job? It might seem complicated as it is to be reviewed not only by the software, if posted on the internet but also by hiring managers.

Below given are some resume writing tips which would provide you with a fair idea about how to prepare an effective resume.

  1. Choose the font correctly

       Prepare your resume in a font that is easy to read and understand for the reviewers.

  1. Offer complete information

       It is important to make sure that all the necessary information is included in your resume. It   helps the employers to contact you easily. Always provide your full name, proper address, cell phone number, home number, and email address.

  1. Use proper format and language

       Keep your language simple and plain. Also keep your sentences short and crisp. There is no need of using bombastic words and eloquent language. It should look and sound professional. Always avoid the use of first person.

       Bullet statements should be included wherever necessary. You can start with your recent work and then state the rest of your work history. If you have a long work history, it is fine to include the recent 10-15 years until and unless your more successful job experience was before this time period.

        Then you can include those years as well. And remember that depending on your circumstances; choose a chronological, a functional, combination, or a targeted resume.

  1. Job objective

       It is very important to have a job objective. This shows that you have a proper motive and also reveals your commitment.

  1. Use resume keywords

       Keywords help the employers find your resume more easily. Keep it as specific as possible. Find out the keywords that appear in job descriptions and depending on it, include the same keywords that exactly match with your job profile.

  1. Fill the gap period

 If you have any gap in your career, it is advisable to include it in your resume gracefully. State exactly what you were doing during that period rather than leaving a gap.

For instance, you can write

2000-2002: maternity leave or

2004-2006: community service.

If you were doing anything important in that period you can very well include them in your resume.

Watch this video for some basic resume writing tips:

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