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Resignation Letter Tips

Resignation Letter

Writing a resignation letter requires tact, as it is important that an employee leave a company on a positive note. It is better to make it sound polite and grateful rather than expressing any grudges towards the company. You never know when you might need your employer to provide references for you.

So keep in mind the following points when writing a resignation letter.

  1. Include these basic points:
  2. The name of the person you are addressing it to
  3. Reason for leaving the job
  4. Date of your last day
  5. Effective date of your resignation
  6. Your signature and name
  1. Be grateful

Don’t forget to show appreciation for the company and express your gratitude for all the time you had spent and also the knowledge that you had gained. Resist the temptation to include any unpleasant incident that you might have experienced while working.

Emphasize on the positive memories and include how this particular job has helped in molding your career.

  1. Give proper notice

It is the correct thing to give your employers ample time to fill in the vacancy that you had created. Your employers will need some time to find a replacement for your position and thus you must give your resignation at least some days before you join your next job.

Also make sure that you make it clear that if any work is pending on your part, you will complete it before you leave your job. That reveals a positive attitude and it reassures the decision on the part of your employers that they took a good decision hiring you.

  1. Use simple language and keep the letter short

Resist the use of too much emotion while writing your letter. Even if you are genuinely sad about leaving your job, don’t make it sound too unprofessional. Include only the information that is needed and keep it short. You will always get enough time to offer your gratitude towards your co-worker and your employer later on.

  1. Offer valid and positive reason reasons

Well, there might be a number of reasons for which we might leave our job and some of it might be personal. You might not be happy with your co-workers or your manager. But it is advisable that you do not include them in your resignation letter.

Simply let them know that you had found another job that offers more growth and opportunities. You can also include reasons regarding relocation and family, which in most times are also the main reasons.

Leaving your job in a positive note will create a positive impression on your employer. Professionalism helps as your resignation letter might be referred to when needed by your employers in the future.

Other than the tips that I had put forward, you can also take the help of the internet and find a number of sample letters best suited to you. They will help you in getting a better idea about constructing a resignation letter perfectly.

Best of luck with your new job!!

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